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Full account number displayed on your IT&E billing statement
If you don't know your CPNI password, visit any IT&E store and present a valid ID to set it up. CPNI password cannot be set or changed over the phone. Only the main account holder may change or set the CPNI password.
Important Message
IMPORTANT: To participate in the PACIFICPOINTS rewards program, a verified email address is required. The email address will be used to log in to your account and receive updates. If you have any questions, please contact IT&E Customer Care Center at (671) 922-4483 [GUAM] / (670) 682-4483 [CNMI] or visit to chat with a customer service representative.
Registration Terms and Conditions
By participating in the PACIFICPOINTS rewards program, I agree to the original program Terms and Conditions, which can be found here: Terms & Conditions